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The Abortion Coalition

for Telemedicine (ACT) strives

to support licensed providers to make

timely, affordable telemedicine abortion available to people anywhere in the United States.  ACT was founded in 2022 to advance laws and policies recognizing abortion as a human right and to support the work of clinicians and activists providing reproductive health care through telemedicine across state lines. We provide legal guidance and direct technical assistance to clinicians and advocate for laws to protect them from threats and retaliation for providing essential health care.


  We are a voice for practicing evidence-based medicine

in abortion care free from anti-abortion politics and

bias. We support clinicians to provide abortion

pills with the most updated medical regimens

and we provide legal guidance

to enable them to do so.

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine


was established in 2022

to advance laws and policies that

recognize abortion as a fundamental human right. 

Our focus is on supporting licensed clinicians in providing abortion medication through telemedicine to patients across state lines where access is currently banned or restricted.


ACT aims to break down barriers, bust myths and expand access to telemedicine abortion services nationwide.

We seek to aid licensed clinicians dedicated to bridging gaps in reproductive healthcare and ensuring individuals can exercise their right to choose, regardless of geographic location or restrictive state laws.


We provide legal guidance and direct technical assistance

to clinicians to facilitate their practice and to

communities assisting the most marginalized

women and pregnant people to ensure

equitable access to safe and timely

telemedicine abortion


Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine

ACT recognizes

the urgent need for telemedicine

shield laws as an effective way for states

to provide legal protection to medical providers

who seek to offer the full range of reproductive

health care services to pregnant individuals nationwide.


In response to the Supreme Court decision overturning

Roe v. Wade, there has been a significant decrease in services for marginalized communities. Providers practicing in states where abortion remains legally available are stepping forward to serve those who have been denied access elsewhere, as they firmly believe in viewing access to abortion as a human right.


By advocating for telemedicine shield laws and

supporting clinicians, ACT strives to ensure

individuals can exercise their right to choose,

regardless of their geographic location

or restrictive state laws.

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine

We support

education and coalition building

to design and enact shield law legislation

in states nationwide.


We foster implementation and provision of legal

telemedicine abortion from shield law states into

restricted states with an emphasis on serving

marginalized people.


We advocate for evidence based medical

practices, including access to mifepristone

for medication abortion free from

anti-abortion bias and politics


Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine


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Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine

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