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Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine’s Statement on AHM v FDA Case

Today, SCOTUS’ ruling reiterated what we have been saying for over a year — these anti-abortion doctors had no business bringing this lawsuit. We’re pleased the Supreme Court has finally shown regard for basic legal principles. While mifepristone remains available through telemedicine care, now is not the time to let our guard down. We continue to see relentless attacks from anti-abortion extremists and the Court has shown no real effort to stop them. 

We must continue the fight to protect reproductive freedom. One year ago, ACT was instrumental in successfully passing and implementing the telemedicine abortion shield law in New York and has helped expand them to seven total states. Since then, tens of thousands of patients have been able to access safe, legal telemedicine abortion care from licensed providers in all 50 states. We must continue our momentum as the upcoming elections are key to determining who has the power to regulate our health care and either ensure everyone can access reproductive health care or otherwise enable anti-abortion officials to continue to erode access.

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