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Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine


The Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine (ACT) directly supports clinicians who make safe, timely, and affordable telemedicine abortion care available to patients in all 50 states. Medication abortion accounts for more than half of abortions performed in the U.S., making telemedicine care vital to closing the accessibility gap and empowering women and pregnant people to exercise their reproductive freedom.

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ACT was founded in 2022 after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, resulting in 20 states banning or severely restricting access to abortion and miscarriagecare. Our co-founders Dr. Linda Prine, Dr. Maggie Carpenter, and Julie F. Kay, JD, are leaders in the reproductive freedom movement who have harnessed their collective medical and legal expertise to meet this moment with comprehensive support for the clinicians stepping up to provide telemedicine care for patients in abortion-hostile states.

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine


ACT is the only nationwide advocacy organization proactively working to advance telemedicine abortion. We provide clinicians who are licensed in states where telemedicine abortion practitioners are shielded under the law with the technical assistance and consulting services needed to operate an interstate practice that serves patients who would otherwise be denied access to quality care because of where they live or their circumstances.

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We are guided by the belief that reproductive freedom is a fundamental human right. It’s no secret that abortion restrictions and bans disproportionately harm patients from marginalized and vulnerable communities, placing ACT’s mission at the intersection of racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, economic inequality, rural health care disparities, and accessibility for dis/abled individuals. That’s why it’s now more important than ever to support the clinicians treating these populations with medication abortion via telemedicine.

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