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New fund covers the costs of medication abortion via telemedicine for patients in states with severe bans and restrictions.

Updated: Feb 21

January 31, 2024

The Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine (ACT) has launched a new fund to cover the costs of legal, provider-supported medication abortion via telemedicine for people living in states with severe abortion restrictions or bans.

Starting in January 2024, ACT is providing monthly block grants to telemedicine abortion providers operating in states with shield laws who are serving women and pregnant people in 5 of the most restrictive states where geographic and resource challenges are greatest: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, with plans to expand the number of states covered later this year. These grants help cover the $150 cost, an amount that is prohibitive for many who seek a medication abortion via telemedicine.

The Fund is a part of the comprehensive support ACT offers to clinicians providing telemedicine care for patients in abortion-hostile states, including legal services, technical assistance, and guidance. 

About ACT

The Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine (ACT) supports clinicians who make safe, timely, and affordable telemedicine abortion available and accessible to people anywhere in the United States, no matter their state. We advocate for and implement laws that legally protect clinicians who provide medication abortion via telemedicine, especially to patients in abortion-hostile states.

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