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Abortion Coalition

for Telemedicine Access (ACT Access)

strives to make timely, affordable telemedicine abortion available from licensed providers to people anywhere in the United States.

ACT Access was founded in 2022 to advance laws and policies recognizing abortion as a human right and to support the work of clinicians and activists providing reproductive health care through telemedicine.  

We are a voice for practicing evidence-based medicine in abortion care free from anti-abortion politics and bias. We support clinicians to provide abortion pills with

the most updated medical regimens and

we provide legal guidance

to enable them to do so.

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine

Telemedicine shield laws

are an effective way for states to provide some legal protection from criminal and civil liability for medical providers who seek to provide the full range of reproductive health care services to women and pregnant people nationwide. These providers are acting in response to the dramatic decrease in services for the most marginalized communities as a result of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Providers practicing in states where abortion remains legally available are seeking to serve those denied abortion access elsewhere

because they view access to abortion

as a human right.

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine

Abortion Coalition for

Telemedicine (ACT)

is a new organization working to pass

and implement state laws that can enable

licensed clinicians to provide medication abortion through telemedicine to patients in states where access is banned or restricted.


What we do is (1) get the shield laws passed and (2) our main focus, is to help clinicians implement the changes they need to be able to provide the pills across state lines.


While there are many abortion-support organizations, there are no organizations

dedicated to passing telemedicine

shield laws and assisting those

organizations with


Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine

  • ​Education, connection and lobbying 
    are the tools we have t
    o make a difference.

  • To support the shield law in NY click here

  • To support the shield law in CA click here


Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine


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Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine
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